Skin care recommendations by Labo UAE

Fillerina skin care products

Having that smooth and soft baby skin free of wrinkles is not a dream anymore, even in advanced age, with Fillerina skin care Products.

Over time, External elements and hormonal changes are making our skin dry and tough. With age, the skin gets invaded by wrinkles and become flabby.

Proper Care can slow down the harsh impacts that all these factors can leave on the skin.

There are some skin care products that are clinically proved over the years to help, restore, renovate and maintain the health of your skin. Here are some:

Cleanser are facial care products which are selectively chosen to remove and take off bacteria, make-up residuals, dead skin and pollutants.

Moisturizers can be applied on daily basis as a general skin care solution or to maintain a balanced healthy skin texture.

Other skin care advices, recommendations and daily care you can do, to keep your skin healthy are:

  • Hydrate your skin using appropriate serums or creams plus drinking enough amounts of water every day
  • Avoid excessive heating of water as it dries your skin
  • Apply sunscreen products for your face, neck, chest and hands, in all seasons as well.

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