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A revolutionary at-home alternative to fillers, Fillerina’s graded treatments will dramatically diminish wrinkle depth in fourteen days. Starring a hyaluronic acid-rich, two-step Filler Treatment, the non-invasive ‘needle’ (the applicator looks like one, but isn’t) delivers just the right amount of line-plumping gel directly along the trough of each furrow – with immediate, and cumulative, smoothing effect. Available in three ‘grades’ – 1 for fine lines, 2 for visible wrinkles and signs of sagging and 3 for deep set expression lines and loss of elasticity – you can mix and match to target specific areas of concern, before maintaining the anti-ageing benefits with the relevant Day, Night and Eye and Lip Treatment creams

How to Choose

Fillerina dermo-cosmetic filler treatments for at-home use offer 3+2 different concentrations that provide a customized answer to the specific needs of face and neck cutaneous tissues.

fillerina products


Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment  –  Grade 1 28 x 2mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment-   Grade 2    28 x 2mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment-   Grade 3    28 x 2mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade
Day Cream-  Grade 1   50mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade
Day Cream-   Grade 2    50mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade
Day Cream-    Grade 3    50mL
Night Cream- Grade 1 50mL
Night Cream-    Grade 1    50mL
Night Cream- Grade 1 50mL
Night Cream-   Grade 2     50mL
Night Cream- Grade 1 50mL
Night Cream-   Grade 3  50mL
Eye and Lip Contour Cream- Grade 1 15mL
Eye and Lip Contour Cream-   Grade 1   15mL
Eye and Lip Contour Cream- Grade 1 15mL
Eye and Lip Contour Cream-    Grade 2   15mL
Eye and Lip Contour Cream- Grade 1 15mL
Eye and Lip Contour Cream-   Grade 3   15mL
Lip Volume- Dosage 2 5mL
Lip Volume- Dosage 2     5mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade 4 28 x 2mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment-   Grade 4   28 x 2mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment- Grade 4 28 x 2mL
Dermo- Cosmetic filler treatment-   Grade 5    28 x 2mL
Day Cream- Grade 4
Day Cream- Grade 4
Day Cream- Grade 4
Day Cream- Grade 5
Day Cream- Grade 4
Night Cream- Grade 4
Night Cream- Grade 5
Night Cream- Grade 5
Day Cream- Grade 5
Eye and Lip Contour Cream- Grade 4
Lip Volume- Dosage 3
Lip Volume- Dosage 3

How to use

Clean your face and, by means of the special Applicator with truncated tip, draw up two separate 1 ml amounts (up to a total of 2 ml per application) of Gel Filler (Fillerina 1) and release it directly on the wrinkles, on the most marked microrelief and on those areas that particularly need to be plumped up (cheekbones, lips).

Relax for 10 minutes: the gel should stay in place in order to let the active ingredients «fill in» the areas where it has been applied. Do not perform any massage or rotating movement so that to prevent the formation of residues at surface level.

After 10 minutes, spread the product with your fingertips all over the areas where you aim at opposing the appearance of wrinkles and furrows and improving the volume of the tissues. With the palm of the hands, perform a slight pressure until the skin will be completely dry. The residues that appeared following wrong massage or friction movements can be absorbed by performing a simple pressure with your fingers.

Draw up 1 to 2 ml of Nourishing Film (Fillerina 2), according to your specific needs, and spread it all over face and neck. Let the emulsion be absorbed by means of a brief slight massage, without rubbing. It will dry by itself.

«I was really impressed with the results. The fine lines around my eyes became noticeably smoother and my lips plumped up, with just one application. I believe that following a regular treatment, the results will be more permanent – after all the company promises a six-month lasting effect.»

My Mary dotcom , blogger

«The product is really good. I’m going to apply the treatment for the second time.»


«Fillerina has truly impressed me, it is the first derma-cosmetic filler for at-home use. It must be used once a day, in the morning or in the evening, every day for 14 days. I tried this on the expression lines on my forehead and I couldn’t be more happier with the results!»




In December 2014, the in-vivo test on Fillerina has been published by Wiley, one of the most famous global editors in the scientific field, in the “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology”. This study demonstrated the positive filling effect of Fillerina in decreasing the clinical signs of skin aging and in improving the face volumes.

Wiley, also known as Wiley Blackwell, serves the research and academic communities, and is the largest publisher of the academic sector as well as of professional and scientific companies from all over the world.
The “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” is an official authority of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, based in Philadelphia (USA). All studies and contents published by JCD are subject to editorial approval by a committee of international specialists.


 A proof that confirms the efficacy of Fillerina Breast Volume treatment (Gel filler + Cream) in playing a volumizing and firming action on the breast comes from an in-vivo double-blind and placebo controlled test performed on 40 women aged between 18 and 40. Products have been applied every day for 60 days. When comparing the analysed treatment and the placebo controlled, results demonstrated a significant difference in terms of skin elasticity, breast circumference and volumizing effect. 9 out of 20 volunteers who applied the Fillerina Breast Treatment observed a cup increase.

The study was published on the German scientific review “SOFW Journal 11-2014 Verlag für chemische Industrie”.



Fillerina is particularly indicated to fill expression lines: vertical wrinkles on the lips are small expression lines, which can be filled up by Fillerina Gel Filler. Its hyaluronic acids will fill the empty spaces caused by wrinkles, which will progressively appear less marked.

Sunlamps are extremely stressful for our skin, which consequently will be more inclined to dehydration and wrinkle formation. This is why, in order to promote Fillerina’s best cosmetic results, we advise not to undergo sunlamps. A frequent facial cleansing, instead, can support the deep penetration of hyaluronic acids into the skin and Fillerina’s positive effects, as the skin will be free from impurities and an excess of sebum.

Fillerina can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, because of the peculiarities of this particular physiological condition, Labo usually recommends to inform your doctor about the application of the treatment.

Fillerina is a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment, which is able to obstruct wrinkles and to give more volume to those areas of the face that, as time goes on, are more subject to skin sagging. For this reason, of course, the product is suitable for those people whose skin presents such kinds of beauty flaws. It is hard to fix an age, but we can say that it can be used since the age of 25-30.

After Fillerina application you can sun, it being understood that a long exposure (for example, at the beach) requires the application of a suntan cream containing specific and appropriate UV protective filters and in line with your own phototype.

It is important not to forget to apply Fillerina. It is important to follow the treatment schedule and the advised conditions of use. An inconstant application of Fillerina could frustrate the awaited results.

In the course of time, skin cells metabolize Fillerina’s active ingredients, i.e. its hyaluronic acids, and use them in order to guarantee their filling action. Hyaluronic acid molecules are able to bind water molecules and to promote a progressive filling action of the skin tissue.

Fillerina contains only tested cosmetic ingredients, so, if you follow our recommended conditions of use, it will not cause any kind of problem. Of course, as it is a cosmetic product, we cannot totally exclude the presence of nickel: a minimal quantity of it is technically unavoidable and it usually does not provoke any kind of problem. In case of nickel allergy, we recommend the application of a small quantity of product on the internal part of the forearm or behind the ear in order to check a possible cutaneous reaction.

Once opened, Fillerina Gel and Nourishing Film should be room-temperature stored, inside their original bottles, which should be closed by means of the provided tips.

Fillerina Face Treatment supports the filling action on expression lines and age wrinkles of specific areas of the face, cheekbones and oval contour. If necessary, it can be used on neck and décolletage too. However, as far as lips and breasts are concerned, Labo created two specific dermo-cosmetic products: Fillerina Lip Volume and Fillerina Breast Volume.

Hyaluronic acid filling properties are linked to its capability to bind water molecules in the tissues. The larger the quantity of water that the hyaluronic acid binds, the more effective its capability to plump up tissues will be: this way it will fill wrinkles and empty areas of the face. By providing water to the organism, we provide water to cutaneous tissues too: this presence will be captured by Fillerina hyaluronic acid.

Fillerina’s different grades indicate different concentrations of active ingredients, thus, thanks to the pharmacist’s advice, the consumer will have the possibility of choosing which treatment fits best to his personal conditions concerning skin depressions (wrinkles) and volume needs (cheekbones, lips, breasts).

Fillerina filler treatment must be used every day for 14 days. Fillerina is a cosmetic treatment based on hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights, which helps fill wrinkles, expression lines and empty areas of the face. Because of its specific nature – it is a cosmetic treatment for topical use – its effects are temporary. If you wish to maintain the achieved results, we recommend to repeat the treatment every 3-4 months. Between a cycle and the other, you can apply Fillerina Day and Night Creams.

If your skin presents sebum and acne, it is advisable to apply a gentle face cleanser before Fillerina application.

In accordance to the regulation on cosmetic products 1223/2009, only for the cosmetic products having a minimum durability of less than 30 months the producer shall indicate the expiry date. Indication of the expiry date shall not be mandatory for cosmetic products with a minimum durability of more than 30 months (see Fillerina preparations), but the consumer should be informed of the period of time after opening (PaO) in which the cosmetic product may be used without any harm to the consumer. The Period of time After Opening reported on the label has the purpose of providing the consumer with all information concerning the stability of the cosmetic product and its symbol depicts an easily recognisable open cream jar reported on both the container and the external packaging of the product. Beside or inside this symbol is reported the date of minimum durability (given in months followed by the abbreviation M) by which it is best to use the product after the first opening.