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Intensive Ultra-Nourishing Super Oil

Intensive Ultra-Nourishing Super Oil

Product Type: oil

Skin types: Very dry skin

Description: Intensive Ultra Nourishing Transdermic Care for Very Dry Skin

Application area: Face

How to use: Apply a little amount on face and neck after cleansing. Its velvety texture dissolves in a few minutes, deeply nourishing the skin. Follow with the favorite daily treatment. Keep away from light and heat.

Ingredients : The specific active ingredients contained in the Intensive Ultra Nourishing Oil were tested to verify their capability in penetrating the different cutaneous layers, where they efficaciously play their cosmetic function. Retinyl Palmitate promotes cell renewal and fosters skin regeneration; Tocopheryl Acetate plays a strong antioxidant, antiageing and restoring function; Glyceryl Linoleate and Glyceryl Linolenate form part of the Vitamin F, also known as the “skin vitamin”, which plays a powerful nourishing and softening action. The formulation is based on extremely rich natural, vegetable oils such as Limnanthes alba seed oil, Rosa mosqueta oil, Avocado Oil and Carrot extract that give immediate comfort even to the driest of skin.