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Cleansing Milk for face

Cleansing Milk for face

Product Type: Cleansing Milk

Skin types: Sensitive, Delicate Skin and All Skin Types

Description: Daily Facial Cleansing Milk Sensitive, Delicate Skin and All Skin Types

Application area: face

How to use: On a cotton ball draw up from the dispenser the desired amount of Cleansing Milk. Then apply it on face and neck skin. To be repeated until complete cleansing.

Ingredients : Special Labo Transdermic Cleansers contain active ingredients with very low molecular weight, which contribute to the treatment of face skin even during cleaning and make-up removal. Cleansing Milk is an emulsion which, thanks to its delicate formulation, is particularly suitable for daily face cleaning. Panthenol, with its strong humectant properties, softens, calms and protects the skin: together with the 8 Hyaluronic Acids of Fillerina patent, it ensures maximum comfort to the skin even during cleaning.