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Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

Product Type: cream

Skin types: All skin types

Description: Lightening Transdermic Care for Periorbital Dark Circles

Application area: eye

How to use: Smooth a small amount of Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream on the areas affected by dark shades in the lower part of the eyes. Tap gently with fingers until complete absorption. The pale colour of the Cream has the immediate effect of reducing the presence of eye dar

Ingredients : The specific active ingredients contained in the Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream were tested to verify their capability in penetrating the different cutaneous layers, where they efficaciously play their cosmetic function. N-Hydroxysuccinimide and Chrysin activate the removal of blood-originated pigments (bilirubin and iron), responsible for dark circles in the periorbital area. The 8 Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular weights of Fillerina patent differently penetrate the cutaneous layers ofboth epidermis and dermis, thus providing an essential advantage to the skin.